Stuart Leon

Trial & Injury Lawyer

I only work for bicycle crash victims and prosecuting lawsuits to make the streets and the world safer for bicycle commuters/riders. I commute, i know the streets, the laws and the courts. I know how to win justice and money for bicycle riders. I’m the premier advocate and hero for bicyclists in Phila and all surrounding counties. I’ve got 34 plus years of Courtroom experience and I’ve won more DOOR CASES than anyone on the planet. If you got hurt by a driver, road rager, hit & runner, crashed out by an excavation, ditch, pothole or messed up street, I won’t rest till we get you justice. I’ll meet you at the crash site and you’ll show me what happened. You’ll rest assured I understand. Ask around, our reputation is rock solid.
I work nights as drummer for The Mas Tequila Orchestra, a party band rocking the Phila Area and the Jersey Shore. I’m acknowledged as the hardest working man in rock n roll, day and night.

Zachary Leon

Trial & Injury Lawyer

Zachary is a talented Bicycle Crash Lawyer working in court for a bicycle crash victim most every day, sometimes twice a day. No wonder he knows how to listen to a victim, figure out their case and how to get them justice, money and vindication: Zach’s a second generation Bicycle Crash lawyer. Zach has been with Stuart attending court, investigating crashes and meeting with crash victims since elementary school. Justice and trying/winning are his blood! Zachary graduated Drexel Law in 2015, and he’s served clerkships for the Phila Judicial System, Premier Catastrophic Tragedy Law Firm Saltz Mongeluzzi Bendesky, and served as a Court Advocate in Family Court helping families who could not afford a lawyer. Zach plays saxophone and sings in the Mas Tequila Orchestra, a party band working the Phila and Jersey Shore so he’s comfortable in the limelight day and night.

Dillon Mast


Dillon knows the streets as well as any paralegal in the world. We won his case after a truck hit him, and we teamed up after that because he’s such a great fit as a bicycle crash paralegal. Dillon commutes and rides 8 different bikes 10,000 plus miles a year. When he’s not behind our desk, Dillon is in the saddle, out on the street investigating a crash, lifting weights getting stronger or listening to metal. Dillon is a brilliant illustrator so that we can SHOW the Court, Insurance company reps/lawyers what happened, instead of just TELLING them.

Matt Kendig

Litigation Support on the Streets – Our Secret Weapon

Matt Kendig is steely hard and super wily by virtue of his years working as an old school courier back in the day. Kendig is beyond resourceful in serving process/delivering lawsuits & subpoenas to defendants trying to duck us/avoid getting served. If there’s a crash witness out there, we’ll locate and interview after Kendig posts our witness wanted posters on scene that you’ve probably seen all over Phila on poles at crash scenes. If there’s video footage of a crash, Kendig will find and get it from the building owner/camera.

Types of Crashes Affecting Cyclists


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