Stuart Leon

Trial & Injury Lawyer

Stuart Leon is trial/injury lawyer who works exclusively on bicycle accidents in Pennsylvania. He has 29+ years of courtroom experience and is in court most days representing a bicyclist.

Zachary Leon

Trial & Injury Lawyer

Zach has been attending court events with Stuart and meeting with clients since he was 15 years old. Zach attended Drexel’s Tom Kline School of Law and graduated in 2015. After taking and passing the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Bar Exams, Zach began working full time at Stuart Leon Bicycle Crash Law.
In addition to advocating for his clients, Zach is involved in bicycle rights advocacy. This includes filing lawsuits and advocating for better bike lanes and better bike laws in Philadelphia, and lobbying in Harrisburg. Zach also plays saxophone and sings in Mas Tequila Orchestra, Stuart’s party rock and roll band.

Dillon Mast


Dillon has been the office’s paralegal since 2015. Prior to that, he was a client of Stuart’s after being hit by a truck. He commutes about 20 miles a day by bike, and he rides about 10,000 miles a year across eight different bikes. If he’s not behind the front desk or in the saddle, he’s probably lifting weights and listening to metal.

Matt Kendig

Litigation Support: On The Streets

Matt is a former courier and has been working for Stuart Leon Bicycle Crash Law for 10+ years. Matt is on the streets and is on his bike every day.



Types of Crashes Affecting Cyclists


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Bicyclists are being hurt in crashes every day.

We are open and available 24/7 to work for you during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

It is a bicycle world more than ever as people commute by bicycle to avoid public transit. We can help:

● You get your police report filed

● Get you to a Doctor's Office that is safe and/or has video/telephone appointments

● Meet you at the crash scene 6 feet away with masks on, so you can show us what happened

● We are STILL in court every day winning cases and prosecuting drivers. PA courts are practicing video court

● Car insurance companies are more understanding and reasonable than ever given the Coronavirus Pandemic conditions

Please feel free to call our cell phones: Stuart: 215 588 7900; Zach: 215 603 8925; Dillon: 484 336 4115.